Testimonial from Bob - 60s

Susan is one on one, individualized not an assembly line, She takes a personal interest in everyone, she's unique.

Testimonial from Jane - 30s

Susan knows what she's talking about. She had to contact me 3 times to meet Jake and encourage me to meet him and we have been together ever since.

Testimonial from Sam - 50s

You make this easy, I feel comfortable telling you everything so you know me better.

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by Suz Alban Sunday

"A soulmate is someone that you are forever connected with- a connection that is in your blood and you can't explain why. It is non-verbal chemistry, a VIBE, an energy that clicks. A soulmate is that person that can stand right next to you and love the good and the bad that he or she sees. They mirror you-validate you. It is an automatic comfort zone. It is unconditional love."

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Find a Hand to Hold and a Life to Share at US Dating Solutions

Professional matchmaking services for the Rockford, IL, area

Nothing compares to the feeling of holding the love of your life in your arms, but the process of finding that special someone can be difficult and time consuming. If you are new to the dating scene or are frustrated with the automated sites that fail to meet their pricy promises of helping you find love, look to US Dating Solutions for professional matchmaking services in Rockford, Illinois.

Since 2004, US Dating Solutions has provided singles in the Rockford, IL, area with professional dating services and has helped many find the person with whom they will enjoy spending the rest of their lives. Our personal and straightforward approach to matchmaking connects local Rockford, IL, singles with potential partners that best fit their needs and lifestyle. Call today and start meeting local, compatible singles in the Rockford, Illinois area.

A computer algorithm doesn’t know your feelings and personality

Rely on a personal dating service for Rockford, IL & the surrounding area

By calculation, automated matchmaking services are effective at matching you with a person who meets your criteria and shares similar interests – but it takes more than computer programming to find your soul mate. When looking for love with US Dating Solutions, you meet personally with a professional matchmaker in Rockford, Illinois.

At your initial meeting, we will confidentially discuss the particulars of your life and your perception of an ideal partner. From there, we will actively seek potential matches among our community of local singles and pair you with someone who complements your style. After your date, we encourage you to provide feedback about your experience so we can further customize your dating service.

Call today to get started with a dating service in Rockford, Illinois that uses personality and emotion—not a computer program—to find your perfect match.

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You never know what’s out there until you start looking. Call today to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a professional matchmaker in Rockford, Illinois. At our initial meeting, we will discuss your preferences and your goals. From there, US Dating Solutions will give you the tools you need to start loving life with the love of your life!