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Susan Sunday offers a free initial consultation. She has been featured in magazines, radio shows, television, newspapers, and is a published author. Call her at 815.621.3786

Dating Solutions

US Dating Solutions Success StoryU.S. Dating Solutions has been in existence for 13 years. Formally called Dating Solutions. Beginning in June of 2004, with a small, hand-picked group gathering, a couple emerged and has been together ever since. Numerous couples have been created through this service since that get together. 

U.S. Dating Solutions has been serving singles since 2004.  We are a professional and confidential match making service for anyone wanting to expand their social life and chances for real love.

Susan Alban Sunday, owner has been a people person all her life.  She is passionate about exceeding your expectations.

Two is better than one!  Anyone that has experienced a soul mate knows the feeling of being on top of the world. It is the magical feeling of a connection.  You cannot put this feeling into words.  Let us do the work for you!  SUZ

Dear Susan, 

   Thank you for all you have done for Zula and I.  We are truly blessed to have you as a friend and dating coach.  The online dating scene can be difficult and cumbersome, trying to find the write words to describe myself.  You do an excellent job capturing my likes and dislikes while applying them to find my perfect match.  Your knowledge about the all important icebreakers was very helpful.  You also know all the hot spots around town to take a date for the first time.  Your dating company is top notch and I would highly recommend any of my friends to you.  

   We have been together over a year and couldn’t be happier!  With your help, you have brought together two people looking for love.  I always knew if I had any questions I could ask for your advice and you would always give an honest answer. 

Sincerely and Greatful,

Jacob Westbrook

This is what we offer:

  • We are PRIVATE!
  • We are CONFIDENTIAl!
  • We are INVOLVED!
  • We offer COACHING!
  • We STUDY human relationships!
  • We are AVAILABLE!

Check and see if other dating companies:

  • Plaster your photo and profile all over internet or buy and sell profiles. This makes it  difficult to remove your profile from the internet! 
  • Are they a meat rack?
  • Are they personally available within 24 hours!
  • Are they directly affiliated with a non for profit?
  • Are they a megafrancise?
  • Do they have different programs with you in mind?
  • Do they share your information with the world?

“You make this easy, I feel comfortable telling you everything so you know me better.”


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We are Selective, Professional, Confidential, And Successful. Locally owned with Real People who are screened. 13 years of experience looking and finding the one.

“Susan is one on one, individualized not an assembly line.  She takes a personal interest in everyone, she is unique.”     Bob  60's

“Susan knows what she’s talking about.  She had to contact me 3 times to meet Jake and encourage me saying it was just a cup of coffee or a drink.”  We have been together ever since.”  Jane 30's

I have been to Susan's get-togethers. She has enormous experience with getting singles together. She has been a matchmaker for years. Written a very successful book, Looking for the One. The book is available in hard copy and e-book. AL