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Susan Sunday offers a free initial consultation. She has been featured in magazines, radio shows, television, newspapers, and is a published author. Call her at 815.621.3786


What are you waiting for? Being a community based service, US-Dating Solutions owner, Susan Sunday, saw the need and has continued serving others. She is a single parent of two young ladies, she has her BS and MS in Education. Susan has taught preschool through college and adults, and juvenile to young adult offenders. She won National acclaim for a Gifted Bilingual Preschool Program and did grant reading in Washington, D.C. Also, facilitated Divorce and Beyond workshops for 6 years expanded her work with people. 

Last year Susan studied Psychotherapy for the Soul through the Boston Institute of Psychology. Being a survivor of a messy divorce, and other challenges close to her heart, Susan enjoys sharing her experiences with others. Developing a trust and relationship with the community is important to Susan. 

Susan was nominated for the Heart of Rockford Award because of her work downtown: art exhibits and US Dating Solutions Rockford Chicago Areaspeed dating. Other activities she has done for singles are dances and luncheons.

Currently Susan is focusing her volunteer work on the Nikolasritschel,  Nik’s Home Run! A memorial race and run to benefit 18-24 year olds with a rare form of sarcoma cancer. Nik who left us at barely 21 was her younger daughter’s boyfriend and an important part of her family. Susan is also writing Looking for the One, and Stand Up, and David’s Way. Newspaper articles, radio and tv interviews along with ads in the Northwest Quarterly magazine have promoted U.S. Dating Solutions. We look forward to serving you!

Suz Alban Sunday