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Susan Sunday offers a free initial consultation. She has been featured in magazines, radio shows, television, newspapers, and is a published author. Call her at 815.621.3786

How We Work

Initial contact is made through phone or email where an appointment is set up. At the first meeting, a confidential interview takes place. This is where the profile is written up. Included in the interview or profile are the family of origin, work, and relationship histories. Besides basic personal facts, hobbies, wants, and don’t wants, and dreams or the “bucket list”, one’s five deal breakers are asked. An informal emotional and personality questionaire are also included. 

With on going communication this can be fine tuned as we work together with you. It is our philosophy that you will pick the soulmate through your own love formula which we help to develop if not already complete. With the profile, intuition, and reading between the lines, matching or connecting takes place. 

With only basic information given, the man is given the woman’s name and contact information. The woman is first notified. It is the same procedure for same sex relationships. After the date, both parties contact U.S. Dating Solutions and share what they liked and didn’t like (if that the case) about their date. 

U. S. Dating Solutions is dedicated to putting the soul in solutions! We are here to serve you. 

Suz Alban Sunday