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Rockford Chicago Dating Introduction

…..I found myself single (out of the gate as I so affectionately call my new found freedom)  after a not so bad twenty year marriage.  Planning on being married forever perhaps living in two separate locations though with me of course being on the ocean wth some, sensitive let’s be honest, lover.  Realistically, women have different fantasies than men about what a lover is.  I really just wanted someone to talk to….But true to the traditional female role I would have done anything to save my marriage in spite of it eroding my health and soul. 

     As it turns out, the split came as a surprise!  My marriage ended abruptly, on his part in the most cowardly way.  Then fifteen months later came a soul mate: exciting, sensual, liberating, accepting my every thought, validating my existence, appreciating my intelligence.  Someone I could talk to hours on end.  Isn’t that what all females want?  The opposite sex to have emotional intimacy with, sharing every inch of your being. 

     Initially when I was “out of the gate” I just wanted to have fun.  No, I don’t mean sex-just good, old American, clean fun.  Bob had become old (even though he was seven years younger than me) crabby, drama king.  Really guys I do hear this from women.  So wondering what I wanted in a man, knowing I do like to be in a relationship, I was curious bout all kinds of men and just set out to meet them within the confines of single parenting.  I found that every person has something to offer me and putting them all together helped me to feel complete and know what I was looking for in a man.  So within a painful and tumultuous time, I found peace and inner strength that I had no idea I had. 

     So the dating service developed because I discovered that there wasn’t much for singles to do.  A combination of my life experiences and my love for people has brought me to this place. 

Suz Alban Sunday