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Dating with Mental illness Issues

     My brother Steve,

     “So your students don’t take meds ‘cause they say they make them feel weird so weird is their normal.” 

      Firstly. I love my students.  They are considered having behavior disorders and medication is always recommended.  Not unlike many adults they refuse to take it.  I am not a doctor but I have experienced enough to know that medications and dosages need to be revisited regularly and should be taken as directed.  Our hormonal balances can change.  These family or personal challenges should not keep us from dating as adults.  I know this can be a difficult situation whether we ourselves deal with mental illness or we have a family member to deal with constantly. 

     My go to guy was Dr. Tom Dugeon whom I dearly miss since he moved.    He not only helped me through my chronic illness but through the emotional disturbances of life with teenagers and with going through a messy divorce.  He is someone who believed in me and thought my girls were awesome.  Dr. Dugeon gave me that professional opinion and showed me another way of looking at experiences.  Different perspectives and reassurances that we are on the right path is so helpful during trying times. 

      Again I would stress getting professional support for guidance.  Also support groups can provide resources and a wealth of knowledge and emotional support for those care giving a mentally challenging person or for our own mental stability.  There seem to be so many different diagnosis today that according to one Russian researcher over 50% of students are out of the so called normal box.   I swear some things like anxiety have to be in the drinking water for they are so common. 

      I cannot stress enough the importance and absolute necessity of getting the right support and diagnosis for mental illness.  This is so critical in finding peace and serenity in our lives.  Whether there are addiction problems or chemical imbalances all are conquerable.  Did you know that one family member can represent all the dysfunction of the family and we all have some according to Eckart Tolle?  My go to highly qualified people are Common Boundaries.  Discover the right fit for you and person  or persons you can work with for your needs and your family’s needs.  Put shame aside and find the freedom to date.