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Dating with Physical Handicaps


     “I don’t want anyone left behind because of physical

 challenges.”    Suz Alban Sunday


     I know some  of you need to use a cane or walker.    This can happen at any age.  Some of you are even in a wheel chair.   There is hope that dating is available to all who want it no matter what the physical challenge.  Sometimes one form of physical disability attracts another.  Like feels comfortable with like for similar issues.  

Other times I have noticed that seemingly persons free of physical challenges are comfortable with those less fortunate. 

     For example, I have seen a guy in a wheel chair out dancing with women who are more physically fortunate.  Also when I was teaching in high school there was a young man in a wheel chair that almost always had a girl friend.  I would see them walking and rolling down the hall holding hands.  It made my heart feel light and happy to see them, an unlikely couple, enjoying one another.  They were finding that closeness that we all desire.   As a matter of fact this particular young man called me a softy – maybe I am.

     Tom, a fella in my service at one time, has a serious disease which impairs his walking and he needs the aide of a cane.   I did set him up with one or two gals that were very accommodating.  Darlene in particular told me that he would call and expect her to drop everything that she was doing to go over to his house.  Since he could not drive at the time, it was up to her to go to him.   His reaching out to her in time of need or want is quite exceptable but he became very demanding which destroyed the relationship.   Tom was quite comfortable with finances but not pleasant to be around.  His anger was a problem.  Joann witnessed first hand on how he treated servers.  Another dater Cindy by just his phone manners was frightened.

     My point is that medication can affect moods and everyday challenges can do so also.  When we have difficult challenges in life staying in touch with our health professionals and support groups is recommended if not a must.  Perhaps if those around us understood the pressures of being handicapped we all would be more comfortable.  Then there are those totally well adjusted people who just want to be treated like everyone else and have their challenges under control.  Never deny yourself love under any situations.