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It’s  All About the Energy “It’s who you vibe with ,”

says Suz Sunday.

The energy between two people can only truly be experienced when they are together using all five senses. There are literally chemical reactions that take place. Fluid, spontaneous interaction in persons is what will create a spark or connection for most people.

I say this all the time that you have to meet in person. I do not care how many texts and how many emails, and I do not even care about how many phone conversations you have with each other. It only really matters when you meet.

I can give you examples of people who think they fall in love by texting, emailing, and talking on the phone and then when they meet it’s nothing not even a friendship. Some even cannot stand each other. This connection I am taking about can happen immediately or it can happen later on and build. I know a couple, Carla and George who knew each other for years before they connected. I will have to ask the reasons but there never seemed to be a spark between them. You can usually feel it when there is something between people but not always. “He is too young for me! He will leave me when I am old.” said Palma. My comment was to her to tell him to stay away then if you do not want him. Palma, “! I can’t he’s too POWERFUL!”

I just love that! What energy he has! All women want that, at least those of us that like passion, and believe in the vibe or energy. I told her you have what every female is looking for in a man. I think in this day and age that most people of all ages have walls up that block energy. That is why I say and many other match makers say, is to give it time at least three dates. I find it puzzling when people say there was no connection or we had nothing in common?Seriously girl, he blogs and writes critiques on restaurants and beer which you indulge in both. I always like to know what people like about someone to see if they are open or not.

You see open people find a way to connect even if it isn’t a romantic one. These people have a better chance of finding the “one”. For example i was crazy about this guy Ronnie who had been following me around for about 15 years. I never felt anything until i started dating him and then I was crazy about him. He did not keep his word about dates and calling me so I put up walls around him and blocked his energy. It totally changed the feelings I felt towards him and the energy or vibe between us changed.

The relationship changed. Just last night he was at the same music venue I was at and I really didn’t notice but Shari and Raymond told me that he was there. No big deal. I just talked with others and never noticed him. Then I went outside and was talking to an old friend. Ronnie was unaware of our relationship but interrupted with, “Hey there’s an airplane going where you like to go, Florida.”

Now I found this a bit odd since it was in a sarcastic tone. Go figure on what he was really trying to say. No hi how are you. I think he has chaotic relationships and I am understanding more and more why. Energy between two people can be controlled. One of my weaknesses in match making and I readily admit it it is that I match according to energy not age. I try to be conscious of this but know that this works in more sophisticated areas.

When I first started the dating service a seventy year old beautiful woman came to me from southern California. She had been dating a fifty year old guy and said that is common there. Needless to say she went back.  Our little town isn’t quite there yet.

Yesterday I received a text from James about a gal I set him up with that there was a ten year difference which he seemed to focus on and stated, “The age difference is outside my comfort zone, I do prefer to date in the range we had discussed, but I’m okay with it. I always step outside my comfort zone.”

So may I ask why this is an issue to him? Since he is the younger one I would suggest he shares this with her that he is okay with it, only not the rest because no one wants to hear that someone has to step out of their comfort zone to be with them.

Save that for your coach or therapists. Keep the energy positive. “Souls recognize each other by vibes, not by appearances.” Collective Evolution Think about it, someone might be attractive to you but if the energy or vibe is not there, it will go nowhere.

Suz Alban Sunday