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Rockford Chicago Area Dating Age Game

“Age is only an issue if you make it one.”  Dean   

…… I have had a dating service for twelve years now.  Since the on set of computer dating the number one question to my dismay is “how old are they?”  I like to think of myself as an energy person who matches according to energy not age.  Unfortunately this really only works in metropolitan areas where people are more liberal or open minded and also, in the gay and lesbian communities.   By the way openness is key to letting another in and possibly falling in love. 

        Some psychologists say that after thirty five, ten years either way is within your age range.  This seems to be an acceptable marker in most cases.  Again, it depends on how open minded people are in the first place.  Some daters want someone their exact age or within two or three years.  Again age is just a number and other qualities are more important.  

        For women the age game gets complicated.  Men generally age faster than women.   What I’ve read-ten years.  It is a cruel trick of mother nature.  This I think puts stress on some men.  Then again menopause puts about half the females in a flat mood.  If we females take care of ourselves which by the way guys is a lot more work for most of us than guys, then we attract younger.  For example I have known seventy something year old men get their muscle mass back which I have been told is about impossible for gals.   Health and fitness is a big attraction with daters.  So if you are in shape and you choose to go younger either male or female that is an option.  If you are not in good shape and have health issues going older might be your best bet.   

          Twelve years ago when I first began the dating service I had the pleasure of meeting a seventy year old woman who had just come back form Southern California.  She had been dating a fifty year old man and said that was the norm out there.  This beautiful woman was in excellent shape and proceeded to tell me to take care of myself and how she accomplished this.  Needless to say this woman returned to Southern California.  I think the lesson to be learned here is to keep as openminded as you are secure with having for your relationship experiences.

Suz Alban Sunday