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Rockford Chicago Dating Emotional Intimacy

“Anyone that has experienced a soulmate knows the feelings of being on top pf the world.  That magical feeling of a connection that cannot be put into words.  That someone that is just in your blood…’s a vibe.”        S.A.S 


.….Emotional intimacy is where two people can comfortably share their feelings with one another.  It is where communicating with each other is the most important characteristic of the couple.  The depth of this intimacy affects all aspects of a relationship including sex.  Some psychologists feel that if real emotional intimacy does not exist before sex, it won’t exist after sex without serious work. 

     Communicating with one another is so critical.  There is enough silence in a graveyard.   Talk and laugh and share yourself.  Be a good listener.  Mirror the other person and validate them. Yes instead of focusing on questioning them, listen and validate what they say.   Show vulnerability which by the way is power.  Being able to laugh at yourself and giggle together.  When couples are totally comfortable with each other there is nothing that cannot be visited. No door that can’t be opened.  

     Sex is important but not necessarily critical in itself.  We know that as we age our sex lives can change and we need to be able to adapt.  When couples have emotional intimacy fantasies are more easily discussed and some maybe acted upon.  Some men and women who do not function the same become very adapt at fantasy or role playing.  When you can say anything to one another without judgement, you can work out challenges and live the way you want. 

     Affection is very significant aspect of a healthy emotionally intimate couple.  This affection can be demonstrated with actions and words.  You know how some people are very touchy and others do not want to be touched?  I have created a good emotional survey which can tell you how emotional  you are and or independent.  Nonetheless, deep emotional intimacy is an essential component for a healthy relationship.

Suz Alban Sunday