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Rockford Chicago Dating How to Date

“Susan, I haven’t dated in thirty years and I am not sure what to do.”   Sam


     The dating game does not have to be a game.  I prefer traditional roles at least initially.  I like the man to call or even text and ask the female or same sex out.  He can do this by introducing himself and follow up with, would you like to meet for a cup of coffee or drink?  You can keep it simple and inexpensive.  If you are the man, it is cordial to ask the other party where they would like to meet.  You are making it more secure for the female.  This way the man is taking the lead and showing the female or future partner some concern.  

       After you two set up  a place and time to meet, drive separately.  This gives both parties the liberty to leave when they want or need.  I suggest driving yourself also for security and privacy reasons.   No one needs to know where you live until you establish  a friendship which takes three dates to three months.   Make sure that you keep the date light.  This is not a job interview. A lot of questions are rude and really do not tell you whether your personalities can mesh  or not.  Have fun.  Talk about hobbies and interests.  Be pleasant and caring and polite.  Manners go so far and are impressive.  

     Money!!! Who pays???  I say the man pays the first three dates unless you have something else arranged.  I like to see the man take charge and set the pace.  We women know we can take over but trust me ladies guys do not want competition for the driver’s seat.  The ones that do will be having us do all the work throughout the entire relationship.  

     Sex should wait two to three months.  I know everyone’s general response at this one but you have to have time to develop an emotional and spiritual relationship before the sex.  I know everyone is cringing but seriously those of us that are attractive have had so many guys approach us.  It is not that big of a deal.  Sex gets better when you know someone better.  Yes, you can deal with it but just saying…I do not like the guys that won’t date.  I even have been told that I have ‘steps.”  Oh well,  we women are emotional and get involved easily when the sex is present and our men are focusing on the sex and not us.  Like my client from New York that said that the women here are too easy and that back in New York you have to work for it.  Let them work for it and then they can have the cake and the frosting. too!! 

     Please respect everyone and find value in them.  Computer dating has led to shallowness.  When I first started the dating service almost everyone would find something in the people I matched them up with even long term friendships if not romantic liaisons and marriages.    Keep your mind open and connect in some way with the other person.  Text or call thank you for a nice time or great time.  If you can connect at all give it three dates to have time to let the walls down.  It takes two people.  Two is a better number than one  when it is the right one.  Give love a chance and do yourself a favor.


Suz Alban Sunday