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“You touch the right one and a whole half of the universe wakes up, a new half.” 

 William Stafford


….For any peace of mind in this world of relationships knowing yourself will be quite advantageous in navigating through the interpersonal relationship with another.   Over the years of my work with people and in the last twelve years of owning a dating service, I have come across several decent personality tests as well as emotional tests.  I recommend that you take two or three of these in search of yourself.  I personally have taken several.


….There are a variety of good personality tests out there which give you an idea of what your personality is and how your personality works, what and who attracts you and why, and what do you kinda, sorta think you want in another.   Hopefully who you are is compatible with what you want.  These questionnaires definitely help you decipher what you do not want or do not like. 


….Did you know that another’s personality can stimulate certain hormones in you that you need and desire?  I am not just talking sex but you know that unspoken chemistry which I refer to as the vibe.  That chemistry that you can’t put into words but is just there.


….Did you know that certain personalities get along best with the same and others are better with different?  That is why sometimes opposites attract but not always the case.  The latter might happen more when we are younger.  Do you also realize that timing or age can make a difference?  When can you tolerate being opposite with another and when do you want sameness?  We really don’t have to get married to find this out.


….Emotional surveys are so helpful, too.  Did you know that you can be very independent but needy in a relationship?  I mean if you are searching for a relationship, you want to get what you need, right?   That is one thing that we should learn as we age and that is to get what we want and need which by the way won’t hurt when we are young -to have this information at our finger tips.  Do you need affection and how much?  How much companionship?  Do you crave openness and deep communication?  Is physical appearance and or  being well groomed important to you? Do you have a need for daily compliments?  Is financial security, traditional roles, and your partner being family oriented important to you?  Think about to what degrees you want these things and you just might awaken another side of your emotional being.  I know I did.


….Understanding your traits is essential in a healthy relationship with yourself and with another.  So with a good personality evaluation along with an emotional survey, I want you to also consider your early childhood map, your relationship history, and your cultural background.  If there was any trauma such as divorce, alcoholism, abuse, etc.  I suggest you do some soul searching and resolve it.  Make good use of therapists, workshops, group therapy.   Read self help books if you are so inclined but please do something and don’t leave it to chance.  Issues have a way of rearing their ugly heads. 


….For a good personality quiz, I recommend Helen Fisher’s book, Why Him, Why Her?

Suz Alban Sunday