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Suz-“Do you believe in soul mates?” 

Well honestly I had never given the whole soulmate thing much thought until after the split with my ex -husband of 23 years. As I “broke out of the gate,” (as I so affectionately called my new found freedom) I really just needed to validate myself, have fun, and see what the guys out there were like.

I discovered myself liking a little bit of this guy and a little bit of that guy. Until one day, as fate would have it, a guy came along that caught my complete attention. Now remember, I really was not looking to fall in love, settle down, or any other of the conventional forms of a relationship that are the norm. He and I started hanging out, meeting for drinks with some conversation. There was an uncanny comfort level and just a natural flow of energy. One day he asked me what “this” was and pointed to the air around us. I replied, ” I don’t know.” I really didn’t know at the time even though I had always worked with people, considered myself introspective, and had been studying humans all my life. I knew what he meant by the question because I felt it, but did not know the answer. I decided to further my quest for information on the dynamics of relationships and discovered the term “soul mates”. 

He and I did have something special. I can describe it as easy, natural, and an unconditional acceptance of one another with no expectations. I enjoyed just being able to breathe. It was an attraction-a complete attraction. Not just physical but something much more complete. Lyricists have written songs about it saying you are like my mother, my father, my brother, my sister, my best friend. They obviously understood something and felt something. 

 Being a researcher by nature, I came across information discussing that scientists have found that some females will pick a mate that has the same DNA as their father’s! It has been a well known fact that we pick our mother or father in a mate to work out unresolved issues from our early childhood years. This information opens up a whole new area of investigation on genetics and DNA. With this new knowledge I reflected back on old relationships considering which ones were soul mates. What I found was the ones that were, were the people you could pick up where you left off with at any time, and where years apart did not matter. 

 Words of caution: just because he or she is a soulmate does not mean you are meant to be with them. That soulmate I was attracted to was not the wisest decision but at the time served a purpose (people are at different levels at different times) After a period of time, he turned out to be an unhealthy choice. Furthermore, I definitely believe we have more than one soul mate and in different forms. 

SOUL MATES “A soul mate is someone that you are forever connected with-a connection that is in your blood and you can’t explain why. It’s that nonverbal chemistry, a VIBE, an energy that clicks. A soul mate is that person that can stand right next to you and love the good and the bad that he or she sees. They mirror you-validate you. It is an automatic comfort zone. It is unconditional love.”

Suz Alban Sunday