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Rockford Chicago Dating What Men Really Want

“I don’t want to sound shallow, Susan, but I have to have someone I’m attracted to.”


     Yes, men are visual!!  No matter what the age.  That is probably the number one request men have.  They have to be attracted.  They have to feel that chemistry.  Men want lightening to strike.  If I could tell women anything besides being happy with who they are, it is to lose the weight, take good care of yourself, stay well-groomed, exercise.  Looks are very important to most men.  Sorry ladies, but that is what they tell me.  One thing reassuring though is that men fantasize us the way they want to see us.  Thank God, right?

     Sex or sexy or sensual or emotional intimacy, men want that going on with their women.  They want it in fantasy which entails enormous possibilities, desirability, and in actions.  The realm of sexual or sensual pleasuring is endless so age doesn’t need to hamper anything.  

     Men want to feel important and needed. They love being able to do something for us and if they can’t, they don’t feel good about themselves.  The economy has been difficult for most but really hard on men.  Men define themselves through work and some have had to redefine that scenario.  They need a lot of attention and compliments and they will find them one way or another.  Hopefully they give back at least as much as they get.  So if you find that special someone don’t forget to tell him how great he is for you. 

     Men are greater risk takers but more insecure than women.  They have a fear of rejection and are programmed not to reject advances from an attractive female or anyone sometimes for that matter.

 During our dating service interview Greg commented, “I don’t want someone that other men are attracted to.” 

Huh??  He was dead serious.  He wanted no competition.  Call it control, insecurity, but this very attractive and successful man was for real.  I had that theory in the back of my mind for awhile but really hearing it was something else.  

     They will go sometimes to the easiest and least attractive female.  Could this mean they love us more and need us more?  We spread ourselves thin with nurturing children and family members and friends, careers.  Is this why if they feel threatened they will run to the nearest female?  It is not about the sex but about the emotional need to feel accepted and with some men this need can almost be a full time job. 

     Men want a women who is there for them, honest, and loyal and will not cheat.  Men want a sensitive woman with whom they can have conversations with at the beginning and end of their day.  When men talk to me about this I find it interesting because some of them have cheated but don’t want the same.  Maybe they are afraid of us being too much like them?  

     Some men  just love women of any age.  Age doesn’t seem to be a negative.  Then again there are those men who want younger they say to keep up with them?  I think it is about looks and  the male ego.  

     Men sometimes just don’t call because as Van Morrison says,” He didn’t call cause he didn’t call.”    Even though they don’t know why.  I know they want us there when they want us there and I believe it goes back to their fear of rejection.  When they do call, they want us available.  Sure they like to take the lead and even need to be in charge.  They like the chase and the catch-just not to soon ladies! 

Tony from New York said, “The women here are too easy, out east we have to work for it.” 

     Men think that women prefer bad boys.  They say if they are too nice they get taken advantaged of sooner or later.  Not always true.  I say take it slowly but we know men like to rush into things and then think about it later. 

Suz Alban Sunday