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Rockford Chicago Dating What Women Really Want

“I know a lot of men but they don’t add up to one good one.”    Rea

     What about a together man that knows who he is, how to treat a woman, can express himself, a gentleman, intelligent, loyal, right?  What is it exactly we women want?  Honesty is big on the list but I believe both men and women want this but have somewhat different opinions of what this means.  Basically women want someone that can tell the whole truth .  Let us know what they are thinking and when changes come to be able to express themselves.  Please guys believe me that mature women can handle honesty- a little phone call would be nice.  If in a relationship of any form, in person would be best.  Please be ready for honest feedback.  I think some men feel a phone call or talk goes against their freedom or egos.  Then of course we feel that our feelings don’t matter.  So yes women would love to know how a man feels and one that can communicate. 

     Someone that will take care of us is on our list of wishes.  We need men that are as strong as we are.  There are plenty of things that a man can do for us that have nothing to do with finances.  The desire to know us is huge.  Woman want men that support us emotionally, listen and understand us, validate and mirror us.  A man we can have emotional intimacy with says it all. 

     I do believe there is a level of deep emotional intimacy that can only be achieved between two people in a relationship.  When this level is achieved all the pieces fall together like a puzzle. Yes, we believe everything is workable.  Which means cuddling could be sex, little money is okay. 

       Affection is so important to most of us.  Words of kindness, compliments, hugs, kisses.  Women like attention and some of us a lot .  Really not more than what one man is capable of and needs himself. 

      Women are more forgiving of men when it comes to looks and actually most things.  We will generally have looks lower on the list in trade for a good man that is well groomed.  

      Women like men to take charge and plan better.  Come on guys can you call a little ahead of time?  Naturally women seem to do most of the planning but at the beginning of dating this is critical.  We need you to set the pace and make the first moves. 

   Fun?!!!  Sense of humor?  “Girls just wanna have fun.”   Can we do things?  No full time couch potatoes please!  Many women have raised their children and now want to go out.  A man with a good personality and enjoy’s life who is open-minded and willing to try new things is so attractive.   Come on guys, beer and sports can only go so far!!

Suz Alban Sunday