Reputable Dating Solutions for the Rockford Chicago Area.
Susan Sunday offers a free initial consultation. She has been featured in magazines, radio shows, television, newspapers, and is a published author. Call her at 815.621.3786

Why US

U.S. DATING SOLUTIONS is all about you! It is “hands on”. The same person interviews, matches, and does consulting, and follow up. The owner has “hands on” every step of the way. You are given much consideration and not thrown into a computer, Spamed all over the net (could be very embarrashing), or have your personal information handed to someone else down the line. 

Personalized and individualized with only you in mind with programs to meet individual and financial needs. One on one attention given to all members. Part time memberships and full time memberships with coaching and consulting are available. Full circle services or life coaching are provided when desired. 

U.S. Dating Solutions provides those wanting real relationships with opportunities for success and the opportunity to meet someone that you would never otherwise have met at affordable prices. 

It is safe and secure and confidential. It is locally and privately owned-not a mega franchise with mega costs. We are interested in quality vs. quantity. It only takes one! With 8 years and the same owner, we have many contacts. 

Scouting is included with full time memberships. U.S. Dating Solutions is a notch above the rest. Our owner has been in the people business all of her life and continually directs workshops in relative areas.

Suz Alban Sunday